Professional Resumes
  • Highlight achievements
  • Express true value
  • Increase interview rate
  • Receive higher pay
  • Absolutely risk free

Partner with a certified writer to create a finished resume that will make you undeniably the best candidate for the job. We house some of the nation's top writers, each with their own uniqueness boasting several awards, publications in various online magazines, and serving as recognized industry experts. Our team ensures that we emphasize your best characteristics and skills while delivering a polished, eye-catching resume.

Completion Time: 1-3 Days
Personal Summaries
  • Get instant attention
  • Easily readable
  • Demonstrate your abilities

Share yourself with the world. Our team can help you do just that in the simplest form. A personal summary is a narrative of a person's entire life, a basic synopsis on what makes you a professional expert. Such a story can become quite lengthy.

Since people find the task daunting, they tend to put it off year after year. But we can write your mini-autobiography using the same elements as used in full-length versions. Short and sweet is what you’re looking for and short and sweet is what we deliver. Brevity and conciseness are key.

Completion Time: 1-2 Days
Web Content
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Establish credibility
  • Navigation made easy
  • Grow your web presence
  • Overcome the competition

Content is king. In other words, any media venture will undoubtedly fail without finely crafted writing. No where is it truer than on your company website.

Every word you put on your site affects your traffic, search engine ranking and sales numbers. This can be overwhelming, but ThirstyTalent’s team of handpicked content writers integrate the tenants of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting into a captivating message for your customers.

Completion Time: 2-3 Days
Marketing Copy

Are you expressing yourself the way you want? We get people to take action through words that promote a person, business, opinion or idea. The purpose of marketing copy, or promotional text, is to have the reader see a certain viewpoint.

Our writing team are creative masters with their work being used for direct mail pieces, taglines, online advertisements, e-mail content, commercial scripts, brochures, press releases and other marketing communication material.

Completion Time: 3-5 Days
Sales Letters

Have you sent out any letters lately? Effective sales material consists of persuasive content while using the most friendly, conversational tone. We will write you an extremely valuable four-page sales letter.

ThirstyTalent provides excellent headlines that can be tailored to the topic of your choice. Marketing studies show that our writers perform well above competitors in the industry. We will establish instant credibility as well as personalize all of the work for your organization. Use this service to get the response that you deserve.

Completion Time: 3-5 Days
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