Our Cause

New Writing Service That Saves Lives

Over one billion men, women, and children do not have access to safe water. These people fight against ailments that would be considered minor inconveniences in the United States such as dehydration and diarrhea. Because of this sad reality, ThirstyTalent is committed to improving the condition for those all over Africa.

The lack of safe drinking water touches every aspect of life in Africa. It is the cause of hunger, the spread of disease, and the cycle of poverty that has plagued the developing world for decades. Our goal is to use our writing to stop the constant suffering. ThirstyTalent is a writing company that does more than write. Every time you use ThirstyTalent, at least one gallon of clean purified water is given to a child in need.

We have partnered with GlobalWater.org, an organization that has made huge contributions to the fight against water impurity. They have carried out successful operations in Brazil, Guatemala, Romania, and many more. Together, ThirstyTalent and GlobalWater.org work to drill wells across rural Africa ensuring safe and easily accessible drinking for a lifetime. Through our alliance and with your support, we can create a world of change for the people of Africa.

Every $1 spent on water and sanitation generates a return of $9 in saved time, increased productivity and reduced health costs in Africa.
-- United Nations Development Program

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