“Wild Squirrel Nut Butter: How Two Girls Launch Company Between Classes”

Keeley Tillotson started making peanut butter in the kitchen of a small two-bedroom apartment with her best friend, Erika Welsh, mixing everything from pretzels to sun flower seeds, while attending the University of Oregon. Behind all of the fun and games though are two serious entrepreneurs dedicated to making the company they’ve started a huge success. Welsh and Tillotson, both in their early twenties, are the proud owners of Wild Squirrel Nut Butter, an all-natural peanut butter company.

What began as a cooking experiment has now grown into a healthy food product that sits on the shelves of many of your most favorite and well-known grocery stores. An incredible feat for any budding entrepreneur.

We had a bunch of peanuts and a food processor so we got creative,” Tillotson said.

And before they knew it, the creation was being shared on campus, with a lot of the local people actually craving for more. The young ladies were encouraged by others to market the product. And fortunately for them, they listened. The businesswomen have taken every opportunity to showcase their peanut butter.

How To Gain Publicity And Really Push Your Brand

In fact, the duo behind the Oregon-based startup appeared recently on ABC’s ”Shark Tank,” the popular show that features celebrity investors asking founders important questions and critiquing ideas rather harshly.

Entrepreneurs go on the show pitching their businesses to a panel of five judges, attempting to land investment in exchange for equity.

The co-founders of Wild Squirrel Nut Butter actually “swam with the sharks” as they say, and proudly displayed their new nut butter company to the world. A courageous showing for women so young. And while many contestants fall flat, these two rose up, and was actually chosen by one of the female judges.

Since then? Increased sales and a feature in Oprah’s magazine.

The Peanut Butter Revolution Begins

And so was born Wild Squirrel Nut Butter, which has gone on to sell thousands of jars through its website and independent retailers. You can find flavors like Chocolate Coconut, Honey Pretzel, Cinnamon Raisin, Chocolate Sunflower Seed, and Vanilla Espresso. All of which are being bought off the shelves as fast as the girls can supply them. A good problem to have.

The two foodies have created a brand’s specialty nut butters, all with unique flavors, and are now available in 30 stores, including giants like New Seasons and Market of Choice. They hope to expand it nationally and we wish them the best.

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