“Which Emotion Increases Your Salary: Sadness Or Anger?”

Anger. It improves your chances of getting a higher salary more so than being sad does. Simon M. Laham PhD, social psychologist and author of The Science of Sin: The Psychology of the Seven Deadlies (And Why They Are So Good For You), believes that expressing anger “brings benefits [especially] to those already in a position of power.”

He traces through specific emotions and sins and enlightens the reader to solid reasons as to why some of them can be so beneficial. Complex concepts are clearly explained. As for this particular topic though, he went on to say:

“In another study, Tiedens again showed participants one of two video clips, but this time the clips were of a regular person being interviewed for a job. The interviewee in these videos, a male, talked about various things, including a challenging time in his previous job when he and a coworker lost an important client. The two clips were identical, apart from the emotion expressed in response to the lost-client episode: In one video it was anger; in the other, sadness.”

“After watching the interview, participants answered several questions, including one asking how much the job applicant should be paid.

The results show that expressing anger, quite literally, pays.

People who saw the angry applicant suggested a salary of $ 53,700; those who saw the sad applicant; $ 41,330. This constitutes an anger bonus of just over $ 12,000.”

From here, the author Laham explains in more detail about the subject, after doing numerous lab and field experiments in order to demonstrate the characteristics that we tend to have. He believes that many of these other emotions that people may view as negative can be called into question as he has found that they can also lead to positive consequences. For instance, lust can trigger us to be more helpful and brave; greed can make us determined and more self-sufficient; and anger can motivate us to overcome any obstacles that come our way while prompting us to confront any moral transgressors. These are just a few psychological studies he’s done on emotions that he thinks could boost our self-esteem, and possibly be used for the betterment of society.

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