“Redefining The Nature Of Real Estate Transactions”

Buying or selling a home anywhere in Canada? GIVE Group is the country’s first and only charity real estate agent referral network. It has incorporated giving into its business model, offering 20-25% of the real estate agent’s gross commission to the charity of their client’s choice. Based in Vancouver, Canada, GIVE Group was launched earlier this year on February 14, 2012 and has already made referrals that have raised thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations.

The mastermind behind all of this though is the businesswoman, Kris Roberts.

Prior to working in real estate, Kris worked in many not-for-profit sectors specializing in marketing, communications, IT and fundraising.  Kris used to work as a grant and project manager at UBC Centre for Disease Control, authoring several grants worth in excess of $25 million. As you can probably tell, Kris is very involved with helping, and has a huge heart, as she’s even worked on international development in East Africa. The future seems bright for GIVE Group with her leading the team and it’s charitable efforts.

It’s already working. We expect to raise over $80,000 for charitable groups in our first year,” says Roberts.

They are truly redefining the nature of real estate transactions. These donations are going to make a positive difference in all of the communities they end up reaching. The GIVE Group’s potential will continue to grow as people get further involved and see the noble values and generosity that this company has instilled. New charities are already partnering with them, which is a good sign, as they begin to rapidly expand its referral database.

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