“Have You Heard Of Juma Ventures?”

If you haven’t already, then get on board. Based in the San Francisco area is a team focused on helping younger people struggling from hardship. Juma Ventures is an innovative and award-winning youth development program that combines employment in social enterprises, college preparation, and financial asset building. In turn, it creates a safe and supportive community where under-privileged kids can go to college and complete a four-year degree.

“It’s a vicious cycle. Children who grow up in poverty are more likely as adults to have low earnings, which increases the likelihood that they will remain poor and, in turn, raise their children in poverty. It’s a cycle that affects more than just the poor trapped inside it. A less productive workforce combined with the high cost of treating poverty instead of curing it can have a devastating impact on economies and societies alike,” their site explains.

Juma’s program has a proven and successful track record already, with over 90% of their teens entering college after the Juma Ventures program.

The founders of the social enterprise believe offering youth the opportunity for a four-year education will help create more productive people as well as a more supportive community. This team of people prove that under-resourced youth can break the cycle of poverty and can achieve their dreams of a college education, and more.

“Juma Ventures is terrific at what they do. They are truly pioneers in assisting underserved youth in gaining financial knowledge and preparing for their futures.” - Eddy Bayardelle, President of the Merrill Lynch Foundation

The Juma Ventures program offers college prep services such as one-on-one coaching, tutoring and SAT preparation, along with continued support for these students throughout their first couple years of college enrollment. This integrated model of job creation and program services for youth is seen as very effective. Ultimately, we hope that more organizations follow in their footsteps in improving the future of our country and children.

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